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Voor software specialist Itesso verbeterde onze native vertaalster de Engelstalige teksten voor hun nieuwe website. Itesso is een ontwikkelaar van specifieke software in de wereldwijde hotelbranche. Het bedrijf heeft vestigingen in Nederland, Groot-Brittannië, Frankrijk, Verenigde Staten en Australië en bedient vooraanstaande klanten als Van der Valk, Best Western en Amrâth. Soet & Blank realiseerde deze mooie klus in korte tijd in nauwe afstemming met de communicatieafdeling van Itesso. Resultaat: prima Engelstalige teksten waar Itesso mee voor de dag kan komen. Een tevreden klant! Check het zelf.

The Itesso Enterprise Lodging System is a revolutionary concept in hotel management solutions. As the world’s first true cloud-native software using the Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS), Itesso ELS will change the conversation with your customers, your teams, your managers and your banker.

The unique architectural design of our software will fulfill your IT Team’s wildest dreams. Our functionality is exactly what your Marketing and Operational Teams have been promised for years, and our all-inclusive subscription pricing model will release capital for you to renovate or expand and will make your hotel management system an Operating Expense. Itesso University, our eLearning Platform, will ensure your team is always up to date and ready to serve.

We have more than 20 years experience with our two widely distributed on-premise PMS products. This has given us the perfect background to build a great new intuitive and user-friendly hotel management solution. We use proven leading-edge technologies and software engineering processes. First, we describe functional requirements for each menu option, and then we record the functional design in minute detail. This ensures our engineers build the very best user experience. Our unique architectual design offers unparalleled integration possibilities through multiple data sources, and ensures infinite scalability and global reach. Our fully automated feature and regression testing processes ensure our software is bug free when released to the active environment.

Our Single Source architecture and SCRUM-based development methodologies facilitate easy deployment of new versions of the platform, allowing improvements to be implemented continuously and seamless to the user.

That same multi-layered architecture provides enterprise-grade technology that guarantees lightening fast transactions. Service bus technology and APIs enable open connectivity with virtually any third party platform. We have implemented the highest level of security, including the tokenization of credit card information despite this being out of the scope for PCI compliance.

Itesso Enterprise Lodging System (ELS) runs in Microsoft’s Azure PaaS cloud environment. This allows us to publish our product on any of Microsoft’s global cloud instance. We simply deploy our product on each instance and immediately have full redundancy and scalability, allowing us to serve our customers around the world.
Globalization of the software means it can run in multiple languages, based on the user profile, while communication with the booker and guest are in their preferred language. Currency and date formats are adjusted based on the browser settings, and each hotel can have its own base currency.

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